Robbie Antenesse

Robbie Antenesse

Web Developer - Game Developer - Fun Haver



I am a professional web developer who specializes in JavaScript front end development and PHP + MySQL back end development.

My JavaScript experience includes a number of applications and libraries including NodeJS, Webpack, ReactJS, jQuery, and more, while my back end experience includes technologies like Wordpress, MODX, custom databases, SQL, and more.

I currently work full time at Inquisicorp, but I am available for freelance projects. I love building new projects and helping make peoples' visions for their websites a reality.

My rates are $50 per hour for building the project and implementing new features and $20 per hour for consultation after the project is complete in case you need help adding new features yourself.

I pride myself in writing clean, readable code, and always aim to create the lightest and tidiest projects possible. When I build a new project, my goal is to make it understandable to clients who have some level of coding experience so they can make any changes they need to.


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