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Learning Jekyll

A good friend of mine and I are working on setting up a blog using Jekyll + Github Pages, and it has been a thoroughly wonderful experience for me. Jekyll is a site generator that takes a particular file structure, some markdown files, and a bit of cleverness, chews it all up, and spits out a website full of HTML files! And Github Pages allows you to serve those files completely free.

I fell in love the moment I learned that Github even generates the Jekyll site for you.

Anyway, I’ve had this website sitting in a corner doing nothing for the longest time, trying to figure out not only what to put on it but also what to use to build it. I was trying to do something super complicated to show my skills, but I realized that would be what the portfolio’s contents should be for, not necessarily the site showcasing that content.

So I found a nice website template, modified it to do what I wanted, and uploaded my Jekyll project. The result is what you see before you! A nice, tidy website with some content to showcase what I’m proud of, plus an extra blog, to boot!

Not bad. Not bad at all.