Robbie Antenesse

Robbie Antenesse

Web Developer - Game Developer - Fun Haver




I’m a web developer who specializes in JavaScript front end development and PHP + MySQL back end development.

My JavaScript experience includes a number of applications and libraries including NodeJS, Webpack, ReactJS, jQuery, and plenty more, while my back end experience includes technologies like Wordpress, MODX, custom databases, SQL, and more.

I currently work full time at Inquisicorp, but I am available for freelance projects. I love building new projects and helping make peoples’ visions for their websites a reality.

My rates are $75 per hour for building the project and implementing new features and $30 per hour for consultation after the project is complete in case you need help adding new features yourself.

I pride myself in writing clean, readable code, and always aim to create the lightest and tidiest projects possible. When I build a new project, my goal is to make it understandable to clients who have some level of coding experience so they can make any changes they need to.


I’m a hobby game developer, a linguistics enthusaist, a conlang creator, a home owner, a dog parent, and a casual gamer.

While the games I have created have mainly been the result of short-term game jams, I've had a great time building them. I focus not only on video games but also tabletop and role-playing games! The majority of my games are available on my page. I also write about game development and the like on my Alamantus blog/website and on my account at the Mastodon instance.

I have also been developing the GUTS+ System, a role-playing game system that uses an ever-expanding pool of stats and stat points for characters and fairly simple six-sided dice rolls for determining success. It is a heavily narrative-based system that focuses more on progressing a story than on combat, and while the rulebooks aren’t fully written yet, the system itself is technically usable!

In addition to my game development, I also develop constructed languages (conlangs), and I keep a blog attached to Lexiconga tool that posts and reblogs conlang ideas and inspiration. I also write about linguistics and conlanging on my account at the Mastodon instance.

I haven’t “completed” a conlang yet, but I have several publicly visible:

  • Zirka: A codelang mask for English with some grammar rules to help it stand alone.
  • 'Oayhàoù: A conlang intended to be speakable and (easily) writeable by any mammal.
  • Gobahai: A syllabary-based conlang that evolves 'Oayhàoù into a human-only language.
  • ehw: A conlang designed to use only the sounds that are easiest for children to learn while developing speech.

You can find other updates about my life through pictures on my Instagram page or through text (and also sometimes other pictures) on my account at the Mastodon instance.


I’m also on Github as Alamantus, Reddit as Alamantus, and even Keybase as alamantus. Nearly everywhere you see the name “Alamantus” on the internet, it will likely be me. I’m also pretty sure that I’m the only “Robbie Antenesse” alive on earth, so if you search for my name and something comes up, it’s probably me.



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