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Free Ideas

UPDATE August 12, 2018: Added an Ideas section to the site below Posts, where I will be adding ideas.

Today, I decided to end development on a board game I’ve been working on for about a year. It’s gone through many iterations, and even though I think the idea might be interesting, I don’t believe that the game can ever be enjoyable. While I usually think that’s totally fine to make games just because the idea is interesting (I’ve released my fair share of “interesting” game ideas), I feel like this case is different because I intended for it to be an enjoyable. As a general rule, I make games that I think I will enjoy, and after a lot of thought, I realized that even I wouldn’t enjoy my board game.

After making the decision, I’ve been looking back through some of my old game ideas, realizing that a lot of the ideas I love are far outside of my skillset to create effectively. The thought of simply throwing the ideas away is too painful, since I’ve already written so much about them, but I’ll probably never do anything with them. This dichotomy let me to the thought of publishing my game ideas—if I’m not gonna be able to do anything with my ideas, maybe someone else will! If I publish them under a Creative Commons license, then maybe I can work with someone who might want to use the ideas.

I’m under no illusions that anyone would ever want to use my ideas, let alone that anyone might actually ever discover them, but the thought of simply letting the ideas rot in Google Drive until the service goes offline is just as absurd. If my ideas could even have the potential of being used, then that would be very exciting to me. (It would also be nice to prove to myself that I’m not just sitting around doing nothing—I can look at my ideas cache and know that I’m at least thinking of things.)

So very soon, I’m going to be updating this website to make viewing my game ideas possible. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll style it yet, but as long as I have them visible, I think I’ll be happier.

I hope you enjoy the ideas as much as I do!