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More About Robbie


I’m a software developer who specializes in JavaScript front end development and PHP + MySQL back end development with a growing interest in NodeJS back end apps.

My experience with JavaScript includes a number of popular tools and frameworks like Webpack, Vue, React, Redux, jQuery, and more and though I prefer using vanilla JavaScript for most projects whenever possible to avoid over-reliance on dependencies. I pride myself in the fact that the depth of my JavaScript knowledge enables me to quickly learn any new frameworks or libraries that I might be required to learn in any given situation.

While I am primarily focused on front end development, most of my work requires a back end, so I have collected a lot of experience in that realm as well. My back end experience includes a variety of technologies like plain object-oriented PHP, NodeJS, Apache & NginX, custom databases & SQL, and more. These technologies have exposed me to tools like Laravel, Wordpress, ModX, FlightPHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Express JS, Certbot, and much more.


I’m a hobby game developer, linguistics enthusiast, conlang creator, home owner, dog parent, and casual gamer.

I create games for both the computer and the tabletop. Most of the computer games I’ve made have been the results of short-term game jams, but the tabletop games I’ve worked on have generally been longer term projects driven by passion. The majority of my games are available on my Itch.io page, and I also keep my now-dormant game development advice and inspiration blog online as something of an archive for its valuable information and encouragement. I also have a Mastodon account where I write about games in general and share interesting things I find on Tabletop.Social.

Aside from games, I also develop constructed languages (conlangs) and keep a blog for Lexiconga that posts and reblogs conlang ideas and inspiration. I have yet another Mastodon account on Polyglot.City where I post about linguistics, conlanging, and the occasional Biblical Hebrew translation.

If you search the web for either “Robbie Antenesse” or my preferred user handle “Alamantus”, the results will most likely be related to me in some way! My primary Mastodon account is @robbie@floss.social; I’m on GitHub as Alamantus, Reddit as Alamantus, and even Keybase as alamantus; and I’m pretty sure that I’m the only “Robbie Antenesse” alive on earth.

If you see me around the internet, feel free to say hello!