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./Gather Video Game Idea

In a Nutshell

An exploration game focused on scanning items to discover the story of what happened to the destroyed world you find yourself in.

More specifically

You take control of a crash-landed cargo space ship pilot who must control a little robot with the help of the ship’s AI to collect critical pieces of the ship that fell off during entry into a strange, destroyed planet’s atmosphere. The planet is broken up into many small pieces held together by some strange gravity that still pulls “down”, but each piece is too far to jump from one to another.

Shortly after beginning your search for ship parts, you come across a piece of broken artwork that has writing on it and one of the ship’s parts lodged beneath it. The ship AI is able to translate it, revealing a piece of the culture of the people who once lived on this planet. You then begin collecting pieces of the ship and components for upgrading your robot, all while finding pieces of art, architecture, and information about the planet’s former residents. You can choose to ignore these cultural notes and just collect the ship parts to escape the strange planet and end the game, or you can collect enough pieces to learn that you might be able to restore the planet and save its trapped, hibernating people from the catastrophe that left it in such a strange state.

As you collect pieces of the ship, you will also come across different ways to upgrade your robot. Upgrades include thrusters that enable travel between islands, scanners that help you find different kinds of things, better metal armor, and improvements to thrusters to let you fly above and below certain dangerous altitudes. You will need armor to survive occasional attacks from hostile pets-turned-sentient: little lizard people riding parrot-like birds and other oddities that resent being being abandoned in such a terrible environment.

The game ends when you collect the parts required to get your ship back online and fly it away, but you can learn more about the people and save the planet (potentially leaving with more rewards!) if you are interested enough in doing so.