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Robbie Right Now

This is Robbie’s Now Page, which he tries to keep updated within a few months of things changing (but no promises). It contains assorted personal projects and accomplishments as well as more professional ones.

This page was last updated on June 3, 2024.

Aside from his ongoing responsibilities of full-time work at Touchstone IQ and taking care of his 3 dogs, Robbie has several projects from several interests going.


  • Maintaining & supporting Feather Wiki
    • Fixing bugs and writing extensions
  • Developed & released siteleteer
    • Probably not a lot more to add to it moving forward…
  • Experimenting with a rewrite for Lexiconga
    • The 10-year anniversary is coming up in 2025, and I thought it would be nice to have a fresh take!
  • Set up a home server for running Invidious for myself YouTube has been diligently killing any third-party access to its videos, so this is dead.
    • Using Yattee to play from my apple devices has been a major game-changer!


  • Working on an update to The GUTS+ System
    • It’s a big one that involves changing some of the main words and adding more clarity for game masters.
  • Started playing Tunic on the Switch
    • Super interesting game design and awesome interconnected map design!
  • Started playing Pokémon Legends: Arceus
    • Very nice fresh take on the standard Pokémon formula with more strategic battles and interesting problems to solve! It would be great to see more like this.


  • Started learning to make yarn and crochet
    • Got a Humble Bundle full of books, and I crocheted a silly little hat for my puppy.
  • Training my new puppy
    • She’s adorable and extremely good for a puppy, but she’s still a puppy with lots to learn.
  • Damaged the car and it had to be in the shop for more than 2 months
    • Living with 1 car was really rough, but we made it through and have the car back again.