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The GUTS+ System Dev Time: 2018–Ongoing

Screenshot of The GUTS+ System

The GUTS+ System is a role-playing game system that provides rules for playing in any setting you want with characters that aren’t necessarily super powerful. GUTS+ aims to have easy to remember rules, an emphasis on role play, and a unique character quality system that highlights your characters’ individual strengths rather than a collection of generic stats. The rules are available for free online, but you can also buy a nicely formatted PDF version of the rules from Itch.io and DriveThru RPG.

The website that hosts the rules and all the information about the system is built to be as light on bandwidth as possible while still implementing an attractive style framework. All told, the website serves less than 70kb of bandwidth per page, and it also stores an offline version of the rules in the user’s browser just in case they ever visit without internet access. It also implements an instance of Matomo analytics, which tracks pageviews and leaves user data anonymous.

It is hosted on GitLab pages and is built using the Hugo templating engine.